Investment Strategy

Investment StrategyWe are looking for deals that can make money for us and our co-investors.  Projects that have potential to change the world or have a local impact are our priority too.

We always co-invest with other investors that share the risk, validate the project potential and can add more value than just money for our investment growth. Our strong network of angel investors gives us unique advantage for deal sourcing leads and company/founder due diligence.

We are focusing on technology businesses because they show potential to scale faster in general but if a mortar and bricks start-up can grow fast enough and is exitable within 6-7 years with at least 5x return potential, we would say: why not?

Our geographical focus is SEE as we are located in Sofia, Bulgaria where we can find amazing tech talent working on world-class products at very cost efficient rates. At the same time we are supporting businesses that have a vision to target big enough markets and have global ambitions.