Valuation: € 1,538,461 pre-money Investment round: € 300,000 in preferred shares with a liquidation preference Current commitments: € 200,000 – Vitosha Ventures € 50,000 - Sofia Angels Ventures SAV is raising € 50,000 from private co-investors Minimum ticket size € 25,000 Private co-investors invest on the same terms as SAV (pari- passu). Co-investors participate through a co-ownership shareholding. SAV is appointed as a representative at the Board and/or Shareholder meetings SAV will organize and lead the deal closing, including: • Legal and financial due diligence • Negotiation of the final transaction documents

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OMNIO OOD’s (UIC: 206143854) has created an AI algorithm to automate the compliance function of FI with UI for compliance teams, API to the client’s core systems and auditable database. Target clients include small and mid-size banks, stock and fx brokers and investors, insurance companies, fintech companies, crypto exchanges, lending institutions.

Omnio offers SaaS model with annual subscription plans from EUR 60k for small clients up-to EUR 180k for large FIs. The RegTech industry is currently at $36B and is expected to grow 50% by 2025 to $52.8B Omnio has currently 3 signed clients – a Payment Service Provider (PSP), a Law firm, and a FinTech.

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