New Investment in Retorio GmbH

Sofia Angels Ventures – New Investment Press Release

We are happy to announce our fifth investment and second one this month – Retorio GmbH!

Retorio GmbH is a German technology company in the HR-Tech industry, operating across the EU, UK, Nordics, USA and parts of APAC, which has developed an AI-powered behavioral intelligence platform, which enables clients to spot, hire and develop optimal customer-facing teams.

Using automated video simulations, Retorio’s AI analyzes behavioral cues such as facial expressions, gestures, voice, and speech to create a behavior-based personality profile. This video-based analysis relies on various machine learning methods applied in multi-modular proprietary models. Retorio uses only supervised, behavior-based, machine learning models that were trained using a demographically diverse dataset and analyze actual behavior rather than self-reported data.

With the help of this groundbreaking AI that has been refined through millions of observations, Retorio empowers organizations to spot success patterns within their teams, hire matching talents and develop them into top-performers.

Retorio offers answers to the big questions in the HR industry. How do you build strong teams in a hybrid work environment? How do you analyse, and transform company cultures? How do you find the right talent in the war for talent? How do you create engaging training programs and develop people remotely?

Retorio’s completely novel AI for video-based behavioral analytics makes it possible to successfully scale talent management in the hybrid world of work, expand the talent pool, transform company cultures, and close internal talent gaps through upskilling or re-skilling.

With this, Retorio is creating a world where people feel accepted, satisfied, and fulfilled in their work, relationships, and company culture.

Just a few years after its founding in 2018, Retorio is already operating globally. Leading German (DAX) companies, and also international enterprise customers (e.g. an Indian consulting service provider with over 600,000 employees), trust Retorio.

The team is very experienced in behavioral sciences, with actual skin in the game.

The growth potential of the company is significant due to its large sales pipeline, growing customer base, and difficult-to-copy AI model, which is based on proprietary solid data sets. Retorio’s behavioral intelligence platform is furthermore scalable across clients, industries, and locations, creating massive potential for growth. The next step will be to build out the enterprise sales team and further develop the product.

The funds raised in the current “Acceleration capital” round are 7-figures high. Investors include Sofia Angels Ventures, Conviction VC, Basinghall Tech Fund, several other private VCs, and a number of high-profile angels from across the world. They will be used to strengthen the company’s enterprise sales team and product.



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