FightScout Enters the Fighting Arena

Sofia Angels Ventures – New Investment Press Release

As we bid farewell to October 2023 Sofia Angels Ventures (SAV), a €13M venture fund backed up by EIF for angel and private co-investment, headquartered in Sofia, announced its twelfth investment – Fight Scout – the first app that allows you to explore and connect to the entire Combat Sports Community around the world.

Fight Scout, developed by Bulgarian startup Fight Lab FSC, is set to disrupt the entire combat sports ecosystem. This innovative mobile app provides a reliable and repeatable mechanism for connecting fighters with suitable events and identifying promising talent at an early stage. Fight Lab FSC closed a EUR 250,000 financing round, led by SAV and supported by a group of local angel investors, including Alexandrea Invest Group, Innovation Capital and Wireless Electric.

The app is mobile-based and leverages industry-specific criteria to optimally match the most suitable fighters. It enables the showcasing of fighter records, achievements, history and documentation in order to build and manage a personal professional profile. Fight Scount is a one-stop platform for the supply and demand side aiding stakeholders to interact in a structured way and unlock revenue-generating opportunities.

Behind Fight Lab FSC and the Fight Scout app are the founder Lubomir Guedjev and his co-founder Nikolai Petrov , who have dedicated their lives to the combat sports industry. With experience ranging from professional MMA fighting to various combat disciplines and roles as judges, referees, managers, and promoters, they’ve assembled a team of experts who understand the unique challenges faced by all stakeholders in the industry.

Following this successful investment, Fight Lab FSC aims to concentrate its efforts on product and technology development. They are also expanding their team and focusing on reaching key sales milestones. To achieve this, they’re planning to increase Sales and Marketing efforts in five key markets: the United States, Brazil, Central Asia, the Middle East, and Europe.

November 2023


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